Our Partners

Our Partners

Of course we need financial support to make this happen; however, the Charles and Polly Ann Hicks Preserve, LLC couldn't possibly do what we’ve set out to do without the support of partners who are willing to contribute more than just money. Their ideas, their expertise and the volunteer power is greatly appreciated.

Please consider partnering with us to help preserve the rich legacy of Charles and Polly Ann Hicks.

See our growing list of generous partners below.

  • Andrew Thompson and Mrs. Martha Thompson, Pearl Price Florist, Vidalia, GA, Historians

  • Thomas and Laurell Jones, Notary Public (Florida), Donors

  • James Lewis, Esq., Attorney /James Lewis Legal, LLC, Atlanta, GA

  • Michael Mercea and Reese Laurell, Wandrblu Digital Marketing Services

  • Mathew Hale and Amy Jackson, Donated Studio and Editing Services, www.Everydollarcountz.com

  • La Cheryl Aikens, President Aikens Funeral Home, Inc., Tampa, FL

  • Annette Jackson, Notary Public Services (Georgia)

  • Diann Hall, Vidalia, GA, Donor

  • Glennice Williams, New York, Donor