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There are currently over 120 heirs involved with the estate and the cemetery is in need of extensive maintenance, thus making this a very expensive undertaking.  Please consider donating funds to help defray the costs of taxes, legal, cemetery maintenance and other expenses associated with restoring, preserving and protecting the Charles and Polly Ann Hicks Preserve. 



Members of the Charles and Polly Ann Hicks Preserve have began conducting home visits, conference calls and forwarding letters to heirs of the estate informing them of the situation, the desired actions intended from them and conducting interviews to ascertain the names and contact information of other heirs.

Hicks family heirs have been very receptive, understanding and cooperative! In fact many have already started transferring their interests in the estate via notarized Quit Claim Deeds. See our growing photo gallery and rolling marque of heirs “Pen to Paper” signing events.

We have established various social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn), we’ve started a fundraiser on Facebook and created a closed group Facebook page for the purpose of communicating updates, and addressing any questions, comments or concerns from family members about the Charles and Polly Ann Hicks Preserve Initiative. All family members or urged to join the closed group entitled “Heirs of Charles and Polly Ann Hicks”.

The Charles and Polly Ann Hicks Preserve was featured on the nationally broadcast podcast “Lewis on the Law” show on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Next, the Charles and Polly Ann Hicks Preserve will start recording the Quit Claim Deeds with the Toombs county, Georgia Register of Deeds office.